Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: A community of practitioners working for social change.

We are a network of extraordinarily able organizational effectiveness consultants and coaches: we confer unparalleled value to our clients – for-profit, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations, and individuals – thereby enabling them to excel in the results they produce for themselves and those they serve. (In the Hawaiian language, “kela” is the word for “to excel”.)

Vision: A world that works for all.

We envision a world that works better for all – more fairly, more profitably, more effectively, and more sustainably – because businesses, nonprofit organizations, teams, and individuals who serve others excel in their performance, in the results they generate, and in the value that they deliver.We Excel by Helping You Excel

We help our nonprofit clients excel in financial strength and sustainability, mission-related performance and growth, and value produced for their clients and beneficiaries.

We help our foundation clients excel in high performance grant-making, in using their convening ability and mobilizing other resources to fulfill their philanthropic purposes, and in building non-profit organizations,   networks, and coalitions that excel.

We help our business clients excel in the marketplace: in increasing profitability and building shareholder value; in cultivating customer and employee satisfaction and brand loyalty; and as good neighbors and socially responsible community leaders.

We help our individual clients achieve balanced lives that excel in the workplace, in their family life, in their communities, and in living their own truth.

Core Value: Performance that Excels in Service to Others

Our core value is performance that excels in service to others. By delivering goods and services that excel in the market place and in the nonprofit world, our clients better serve their shareholders; their clients, customers, and beneficiaries; their employees; their neighbors; and future generations than do their competitors.

In a competitive world, we bring to the work a combination of commitment to excel and aloha spirit. Just as championship sports teams raise the quality of the game for their competitors as well as for their fans, Kela Associates strives to raise the quality of performance for all.

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