What Distinguishes Kela?

At Kela Associates we distinguish ourselves from our competition in four ways:

One.  We are results-driven. Everyone expects results. Investors, customers, funders, and the board — they all want to know what results the organization is producing, what impact it is having. What’s the return on investment — financially and socially? We help you achieve performance that excels. We stay focused on results.

Two.  We are commWe Excel by Helping You Excelitted to the creation of extraordinary value  for our clients. We help your organization seize its greatest unrealized opportunities, address its most important challenges, serve its clients more effectively, and thereby enhance performance. At the outset of each engagement we clarify the value we intend to deliver to your organization and how that value will benefit your organization, those it serves. We are not the lowest priced organizational effectiveness consultants in the market. We are, however, committed to delivering unmatched value.

Three.  An entrepreneurial approach powers what we do. We recognize that success in the nonprofit world requires more than a heart-rending story, visionary leadership and a dedicated organization. It requires entrepreneurial spirit, a sound business plan and business model, and a determination to generate not only great mission-related results, but also financial results that ensure the organization’s sustainability and its ability to grow in service to its customers. (As one leading nonprofit says, “No margin, no mission.”) We help our nonprofit clients excel at the “double bottom line” — excelling in achievement of their social purposes and delivering excellent financial results as well.We help our business clients increase their profitability, market share, and shareholder value. But our approach is to do more: to see customers, employees, and neighbors as long-term assets and partners (not participants in one-shot interactions). We help our business clients count and communicate more effectively the social as well as economic value they create. We encourage them to strengthen the value proposition of all they do. In this way, they can increase earnings and freedom to operate as they create far greater value for their customers and the society generally.

Four.  The quality, expertise and experience of our team sets us apart. Individually, Kela Associates’ consultants are leaders in the field of organizational effectiveness. Collectively, we represent a range of capabilities to help your organization that are unmatched. Experientially we’ve excelled: successfully leading and managing businesses, foundations, nonprofits, and citizens’ advocacy organizations. Organizational effectiveness and personal effectiveness are the cornerstones of our expertise. But it doesn’t end there. We specialize in affordable housing, community development and revitalization, youth and workforce development, social service and wealth building programs to end poverty, and health services and environmental protection.

These are the four ways that distinguish Kela Associates from our competition.

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