Kela Associates has provided a wide range of executive coaching, organizational effectiveness consulting, facilitation, strategic planning and/or other services. This includes work for the following nonprofit organizations, foundations, and community leaders:

Academy 21 (Honolulu, HI): see Hawaii Change Leaders Project – http://www.academy21.org/partners

AllianceWe Excel by Helping You Excel for Families and Strong Communities (Milwaukee, WI): For this national alliance of human services organizations, (1) providing  workshops/demonstrations at the National Convention and at the 2014 and 2015 Executive Leaders Institutes on executive coaching: how and why it works, how to select the right coach for you, and work with a coach to increase organizational and personal effectiveness, health, and sustainability; (2) designing and presenting a four-part virtual video training for 20 Alliance member organizations on creating a unifying and inspiring vision, developing an explicit and compelling theory of change to achieve that vision, develop near-term and mid-term SMART Goals for each major element of the theory of change, and developing an actionable strategic and operating plan to meet or exceed the goals and realize the vision -- http://www.alliance1.org/

Aloha Medical Mission (Honolulu, HI): planning, facilitating, and preparing summary reports for two Aloha Medical Mission’s Board Retreats five years apart, including clarification and approval of leadership succession plans for the board; www.alohamedicalmission.org

Aloha United Way (Honolulu, HI); in partnership with Sharon Simms of SAS Services, LLC, assess the priority training needs of the nonprofit partners of Aloha United Way and prepare an assessment of those needs; design the highly praised Alaka’i series of six workshops in 2015 and five workshops in 2016 for leading nonprofits in Honolulu.  These workshops focus on strengthening nonprofit boards; improving mission-related performance, reporting and accountability for results; creating stronger communications and marketing capabilities;  coaching and peer coaching means of improving performance and supervision; and strengthening revenue raising and collaboration. 

Annie E. Casey Foundation (Baltimore, MD): multi-party meeting planning and facilitation for a grantee organization in the community development field that had experienced an unsuccessful leadership transition and resultant financial reverses — www.aecf.org.

Avodah (Washington, DC ): providing coaching for the interim executive director during a period of transition and retrenchment of this Jewish youth service corps — www.avodah.net

Barter Theatre (Abingdon, VA): designing and facilitating Barter Theatre’s board-staff strategic planning retreat; writing up key aspects of report, and ensuring follow up implementation support for Barter’s 2015-2017 strategic plan, including reassessing and developing improvements for the business model to preserve artistic freedom while guaranteeing long term financial viability. — www.bartertheatre.org;

Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN – Washington, DC) — see Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington — www.capitalareaforeclosurenetwork.org;

Career Transition Coaching for a Clergyman: assisting a clergyman who is considering employment/career alternatives to explore more deeply a specific opportunity under consideration, to clarify the most important criteria he will weigh in deciding whether (and under what circumstances) or not to accept this pending opportunity, and to put this decision in the context of his longer term and most deeply authentic aspirations for career and other life values.

Career Transition Coaching for Founder and Long-Time Nonprofit CEO: providing coaching on a variety of issues for a retiring nonprofit leader — e.g., how to communicate this decision to board, staff. and other key stakeholders; how to negotiate a severance package; presenting the board with a succession plan process and timetable; financial planning support; post-retirement career options analysis; and developing necessary inner composure and self-confidence to see this important life change as a welcome opportunity, not a fearful challenge.

Catholic Community Services (Washington, DC): assisting the executive director and boards of Catholic Community Services and the Catholic Charities Foundation in Washington, D.C. by helping to plan, and facilitating, meetings with the two boards — one focused on fund raising, the other on providing community services. These meetings were called to decide upon branding of the organization, improve collaboration between the two boards, and encourage increased engagement by the Catholic Community Services boardwww.catholiccharitiesdc.org. See also Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute.

Center for Nonprofit Advancement (Washington, DC): assisting the Center and the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, DC to review published surveys of nonprofit support needs and conduct literature search and conduct interviews to identify leading nonprofit support practices and programs – www.nonprofitadvancement.org;

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation (Washington, DC): providing executive coaching, strategic planning and goal setting support services — including time management and work-life balance tools, and organizational design counsel — in support of a major foundation initiative on increasing community service for university age Jewish youth –www.schusterman.org

Chattanooga Public Libary/Friends of the Chattanooga Public Library (Chattanooga, TN): providing strategic plan updating support services to the major public library system of Chattanooga, TN. The Kela Associates team will help the library system update its strategic plan, develop measurable performance goals — programmatic, organizational, and financial — for FY 17-FY19, develop an updated facilities plan including review of the Eastgate branch, and assessment of emerging trends in Chattanooga and the field of improving customer services and meeting evolving community needs and challenges. – http://www.friendsofthelibrary-chattanooga.com/ and http://chattlibrary.org/

Chattanooga Theatre Centre (Chattanooga, TN): providing strategic planning, board retreat design, and facilitation support services to this over 90 year old nonprofit community theater company to explore organizational and financial challenges and develop a 2016-2020 strategic plan to overcome a structural deficit. The plan adopted unanimously by the board in August 2015 establishes short term, mid-term, and long-term strategies and goals to strengthen the board, enhance staff capacity, promote new partnerships, and  ensure the financial sustainability of this valued institution; — www.theatrecentre.com

Child and Family Service — Hawaii (Eva Beach, HI): providing coaching and strategic planning support for the director of technology;

Community Action Project of Tulsa County –  CAPTC (Tulsa, OK): (1) executive coaching for an exceptional leader in the field of early childhood development, affordable housing, and individual and community asset building to alleviate inter-generational poverty; (2) advising about organizational realignment in light of changes in the organization’s mission and strategic plan; (3) helping the organization develop improved public policy analysis and advocacy capability and a systematic approach to prioritizing issues; (4) assisting CAPTC’s Innovation Lab in design and implementation of a new initiative to end the intergenerational cycle of poverty in Tulsa; (5) coaching the new leader of the Tulsa anti-poverty/innovation initiative; and (6) researching and developing guidance for successful social marketing (behavior change) initiatives; — www.captc.org.

Community Foundation Land Trust, California Community Foundation (Los Angeles, CA): strategic and business planning; strategic communications counseling; and outreach and partnership development support services — for an innovative program to promote wealth building home ownership for current and future generations of low- and moderate-income residents of the Los Angeles County area (and other high land cost http://www.calfund.org/learn/land_trust.php.

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (Minot, ND): providing executive coaching for an experienced human services professional who has recently assumed the job of President and Chief Executive Officer of this multi-service state-wide human services organization — www.dakotaranch.org

DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation (Washington, DC): conducting staff interviews; designing and facilitating an all staff retreat to address future goals and reorganization needs of the Washington, DC area’s intermediary organization for support of out-of-school time programs in the Nation’s capital; and preparing a report summarizing the results of the retreat www.cyitc.org.

DC Vote (Washington, DC): (1) providing coaching services for the executive director of DC Vote, and (2) assisting in planning and facilitating a series of board meetings to reassess goals and strategy, reconcile conflicting viewpoints, and help develop a unified position for the future for achieving full voting representation for the District of Columbia in Congress. — www.dcvote.org. (Note: the board’s consensus position was ratified by the U.S. House of Representatives when in April 2007 it agreed to full voting representation in the House for the District of Columbia again by the Senate in early 2009) www.dcvote.org

Delaware Academy of Medicine (Wilmington, DE): planning, facilitating and preparing a report on a special strategic planning meeting of the board to identify potential new directions for the 0rganization, including review and assessment of current assets and programs of the Academy, imagining the future, and exploring ways to enhance medical-legal partnerships in Delaware to improve public health. – http://www.delamed.org

Eva Nepal (CT): providing executive coaching/organizational development support to the Executive Director of this nonprofit support group for community health educators in a rural dental health program in Nepal. — www.evanepal.org

Friends of the Waikiki Aquarium (Honolulu, HI): planning, facilitating and reporting on a strategic planning meeting of the board of FOWA – http://www.waquarium.org/become-a-member.html

George Kaiser Family Foundation/Tulsa Community Foundation (Tulsa, OK): facilitating a meeting of community, health, and human services organizations to advise the Foundation regarding Tulsa’s most pressing community needs and philanthropic investment opportunities likely to produce demonstrable improvements within 2-3 years.

Georgetown University Center on Public and Nonprofit Leadership (Washington, DC): see also Jessie Ball duPont Fund  

Hauoli Mau Loa Foundation (Honolulu, HI): providing planning assistance for a first meeting with a cohort of the Hope for Kids grantees of the foundation on approaches to evaluation

Hawaii Change Leaders Project (Academy 21)/Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (Honolulu, HI): providing business planning counsel, coaching, and consulting assistance to help an innovative nonprofit educational leadership development program in Hawaii develop a strategic business plan that would enable it to pursue mission, enhance 21st Century skills acquisition by Hawaii’s students, and achieve sustainable profitability no longer dependent principally on philanthropy ;http://www.academy21.org/partners

Hawaii Department of Health, Chronic Disease Management and Control (Honolulu, HI): (1) assisting in designing breakout sessions for the first 2011 Chronic Disease Summit on Social Determinants of Chronic Disease and Health Disparities, including training facilitators and facilitating the plenary session at the end of the meeting, (2) presenting a post-meeting summary of major points during the second Summit on best practices in addressing the social determinants of chronic disease and health disparities, (3)  preparing written reports summarizing the highlights of the two Summit meetings, and (4) assisting the CDMC Branch in designing and facilitating a process for development of a new strategic plan to address the social determinants of chronic disease and health disparities in the state, including conducting 17 key informant interviews and facilitation of Town Hall meetings on Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island; and (5) preparing a written summary of comments received from key informant interviews and the town hall meetings– http://hawaii.gov/health/family-child-health/chronic-disease/index.htmlhttp://hawaii.gov/health/family-child-health/chronic-disease/reports/CD_Burden_Highlights_2.pdf; and http://www.naspcc.org/attachments/article/87/Chron_Disease_Summ_Honolulu.pdf;

Hawaii Electricians Market Enhancement Program Fund (Honolulu, HI): designing and facilitating a strategic planning Summit that is bringing together 90+ electrical contractors and IBEW Local 1186 union electricians to devise win-win strategies and new methods of collaboration to enhance the market and market share for unionized electrical contractors in Hawai’i;

Hawaii Information Service: providing executive coaching and design support for strategic planning to the President/CEO of this agency of the realtors of Kauai and the Big Island;

Hawaii Operating Engineers Industry Stabilization Fund – Honolulu, HI: facilitating two meetings of the Fund trustees on the Fund’s 2014-2016 draft strategic plan and assisting the Executive Director in developing clear and measurable goals, interim milestones, and timelines for the plan, which the Trustees then approved;

Hawaii Wildlife Fund/Maui Reef Fund (Maui, HI): providing coaching and strategic consulting support to the Executive Director and the members of the Maui Reef Fund regarding vision, stakeholder analysis, and priority strategies to assist leaders in the Maui marine tourism industry protect the coral reefs on which their businesses depend www.wildhawaii.org

He’e Nalu Learning Center/Surfrider Spirit Sessions Program (Kailua, Oahu, HI): (1) providing coaching and consulting assistance to the Executive Director and the Board Chair; (2) assisting in preparation and implementation of a strategic planning grant proposal for an innovative youth development program. This program enables adjudicated teenage girls and boys to learn how to surf, to get college credit for an intensified college level ocean studies course, and in the process develop self-esteem, heightened sense of personal responsibility, new awareness of personal potential, and other important benefits; (3) exploring the feasibility of a pilot project to bring the successful Oahu program to Maui — http://surferspirit.org; and http://www.standuppaddlesurf.net/2008/08/27/ help-lets-get-troubled-kids-out-of-court-and-into-college;

Historic St. Luke’s Church (Smithfield, VA): providing coaching to the Executive Director to assist in time management, staff management, prioritization, and strengthening the Board’s engagement and fundraising — www.historicstlukes.org;

HKL Castle Foundation (Kailua, Oahu, HI): (1) assisting the Executive Director in surveying near shore communities on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, the Big Island, and Molokai’i to determine their perceptions of community capacity building needs to effectively protect and restore near shore marine resources and help the Foundation develop a dashboard of indicators for which it can hold itself accountable for building needed community capacity; and (2) assisting the Executive Director in evaluating Kauai Community College’s Wai’ale’ale pilot program to enable low-income students and adults to attend college and succeed; — www.castlefoundation.org

HUGS (Help, Understanding & Group Support) (Honolulu, HI): (1) providing executive coaching to the organization’s Executive Director to help meet new performance expectations of the Board; (2) facilitating a board retreat on strategic planning and revisiting success criteria and measures for the organization;  (3) planning and facilitating a program evaluation process, including development of new SMART goals for 2010 and beyond; and (4) planning and facilitating  a meeting of the board’s Program Committee and assistance in developing a conceptual framework for assessing how eligibility criteria might be broadened appropriately without overtaxing the organization’s financial or human resources — http://www.hugslove.org

HumanKind (formerly Presbyterian Homes and Family Service — Lynchburg, VA): (1) providing coaching to the CEO on organizational realignment, board development and board relations, and a new strategic plan to increase income, endowment, reach and impact of the organization; (2) providing coaching to others  on the senior leadership team and emerging leaders in the organization; (3) providing strategic planning consultation to shift the paradigm of service to better assist people with mental and other disabilities in the face of new public policy trends and coping with the economic downturn of 2008-2011; (4) providing independent analysis of and coaching support for a potential merger with another human services provider in Virginia; (5) providing coaching and consulting to facilitate effective operational and cultural integration of the two merger partners once the merger occurred; (6) assisting the leadership team in developing shared commitments to one another for improved performance and supporting the integration of the PHFS and its new merger partner, the Family Alliance;  (7) assisting the CEO and leadership team develop two new initiatives for a new early childhood learning center in Norfolk, VA. and expansion of the Ways to Work program to several other cities in the state; (8) helping design, facilitate and capture the results of a half-day workshop on Managing Multiple Priorities While Reducing Undue Stress; and (9) planning and facilitating three leadership team retreats focusing on learning how to work better together, appreciating the need for and strengths of varying work styles; learning how to have “fierce conversations” about the most important and difficult to talk about topics for the agency; developing clearer organizational priorities and goals for 2012 and beyond; and promoting a unifying set of cultural values and best practices  throughout the organization; — www.hkind.org

Inglewood Neighborhood Housing Services/The Ford Foundation (Los Angeles, CA): developing a report on a workshop at The Ford Foundation on “Asset Building Services for Moderate-Income Households: Developing an Alternative to Homeownership for Wealth-Building.” (Dec. 2005) — www.homeownershipcenter.com

International Social Services – USA (Baltmore, MD): providing executive coaching to support strategic planning, organizational development and capacity building, and financial sustainability strategy development. This coaching work included provision of a business planning template to help the organization clarify its products, services, target customers, pricing, and more; — www.iss-usa.org

Jacksonville Humane Society (Jacksonville FL): designing and facilitating a Board Retreat focused on enhancing Board engagement in support of the organization’s capital campaign and obtaining board commitment to re-launch the campaign after its being put on hold during the economic downturn – www.jaxhumane.org

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center (Jacksonville, FL): (1) providing executive coaching and business plan development support to the Executive Director and Board Chair — regarding clarification of success goals, alignment of strategic priorities, marketing initiatives, productivity enhancement, and strengthening the board and senior leadership team; supporting grant writing and fundraising plan development; providing strategic planning coaching, consulting and facilitation support for the board and Executive Director; (2) helping design and facilitating a series of board meetings to develop a new inspiring vision for the organization and an updated three year strategic plan to help achieve that vision; and (3) providing executive coaching to an emerging leader in the organization responsible for development/fundraising for the Center; and (4) helping design and facilitate a follow up board-staff strategic planning retreat to evaluate capital needs for a new buildng vs. renovation and implementation of the Building for the Future Campaign — http://www.shcjax.org

Jessie Ball duPont Fund/Georgetown University Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership: (1) helping design and facilitate five years of “Board Chair-Executive Director Leadership Institutes” involving over 60 pairs of  Executive Directors and their board chairs to improve board-ED relationships and enhance organizational effectiveness; (2) preparing five post-Leadership Institute evaluation reports assessing overall reactions, beneficial impacts, and ways to improve future Institutes; and (3) providing a presentation on Executive Coaching for nonprofit leaders, including a real-time demonstration of executive coaching, and exploration of its value as a tool for reflection, renewal, and performance enhancement. — http://www.dupontfund.org and http://cpnl.georgetown.edu

Kalihi-Palama Health Center (Honolulu, HI): (1) providing executive coaching to the Executive Director of the Center and to the Medical Director; (2) helping build Executive Committee leadership, improved communication, and an explicit set of shared commitments for the leadership team;  (3) designing and facilitating team building workshop/training using Medicine Wheel/Leadership Compass preferred work style analysis tools; (4) conducting a scan of the Executive Committee’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of alignment and non-alignment to help improve the effectiveness of the Executive Committee and the organization; and (5) designing and facilitating a workshop on Reducing Stress While Managing Multiple Priorities . — www.kphc.org

Kamehameha School/Bishop Estate (Honolulu and Kula, HI): (1) facilitating an informational and discussion meeting with KSBE lessees on emerging plans for and potential impacts of rail on Oahu; (2) assisting in planning and facilitating the formation of the Kaka’ako Community Alliance. This involved a series of meetings between Kamehameha School and the Kaka’ako Improvement Association to develop proactive and systematic responses to a series of public policy issues affecting this neighborhood, including new legislative proposals on workforce housing requirements, transit related issues, and overall community development; (3) providing executive coaching. — www.ksbe.edu

Kanu Hawaii (Honolulu, HI): (1) planning and facilitating a strategic planning and performance assessment ADVANCE meeting between the Board and senior staff of the organization, including a review of Board roles and responsibilities and how to create more engaging and effective campaigns;  (2) providing two years of evaluation of lessons learned and Kanu’s performance under a Kellogg Foundation grant to assist three nonprofit partners building their community organizing and movement-building capacity using a suite of technology tools and approaches developed by Kanu; and (3) providing leadership coaching for the head of Kanu’s new (2013) fellowship programs. — www.kanuhawaii.org

Kapi’olani Community College/Not for Profit Certification Program (Honolulu, HI): designing and delivering a one-day inter-active workshop on Nonprofit Governance, Board Development and Board-Staff Division of Responsibilities, utilizing real-world cases and small group and large group discussions to learn the principles of sound nonprofit governance, board development and engagement, and co-intelligent decision-making by boards, staff, and joint-board staff work groups.

Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, MI): providing national program design consultation, implementation, advice on grantee selection, community outreach and prototype development support, facilitation, and business outreach support for the Kellogg Foundation’s “New Options for Youth Initiative.” This innovative initiative seeks to develop novel partnerships, new pathways, innovative prototypes, and a national credentialing system for market driven employment in line with the aspirations of young people 16-24 years of age who have untapped potential, yet have not succeeded in traditional public school settings. The work for Kellogg includes helping evaluate, recommend, and work with leading youth and workforce development organizations in six cities — Baltimore, Cambridge, Oakland, Omaha, Pittsburgh, and Tucson — and their affiliates and replication sites. Each site is developing locally appropriate new models for connecting disconnected youth with market place employment and enterprise opportunities and for connecting business groups with a talent pool of ready, willing and able employees and entrepreneurs. It also includes outreach to leading national employer and business organizations with an interest in employing out of school youth. http://www.wkkf.org/default.aspx?tabid=75&CID=166&NID=61&LanguageID=0.

Latino Economic Development Corporation (Washington, DC): assisting in designing and facilitating a board retreat aimed at improving internal and external communication and effectively promoting the new branding of the organization. — www.ledcmetro.org

Leake & Watts, Inc (NY): providing executive coaching services for a youth development and education improvement program officer – http://www.leakeandwatts.org/

Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute – Catholic Charities (Washington, DC): facilitating a multi-party meeting of a DC collaborative funded by the Office of Violence against Women of the US Justice Department to decide upon the mission, vision, and values of a joint project of organizations representing people with disabilities and those representing survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse to ensure quality care for any survivor with disabilities, regardless of where they present in the system of the members of the collaborative. http://www.catholiccharitiesdc.org

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments: (1) evaluating the performance of the Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN) during its first two years of operation (2010-2011), assessing the need for its continued or modified operation, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the various approaches used by CAFN in supporting front line service providers seeking to prevent foreclosures of homes in the DC metropolitan area, including suburban VA and MD:  (2) helping prepare a strategic plan clarifying CAFN’s mission, vision, SMART goals, and priorities for finances, organizational capacity building, and program in FY 2013-2014; (3) providing executive coaching and team building support for the executive leadership team of COG;  (4) providing facilitation services for two peer exchange meetings co-sponsored by MWCOG and the National Associations of Regional Councils bringing together a number of regional councils of governments; (5) conducting interviews and preparing a report with executive summary on how MWCOG can better support the Human Services and Public Safety Policy Committee’s work in 2015; (6) facilitating the 2016 strategic work planning meeting of the regional Fire Chiefs Committee;  (7) supporting the strategic planning process for MWCOG’s regional homelessness initiative;  (8) providing strategic coaching support for the director of MWCOG’s community planning and (human and health) services programs; and (9) helping design, facilitate and report on a senior staff meeting on improving effectiveness through more systematic customer feedback; — www.mwcog.org

Montgomery County Community Foundation (MD) and Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington (DC): developing a scan of exemplary practices of local governments throughout the U.S. in creating innovative partnerships with the nonprofit sector and mechanisms for enhancing the performance of the nonprofit sector and improving the sector’s ability to assist local government in delivering essential services to constituents. This scan was developed for use by the nonprofit sector to brief the new county executive of Montgomery County, MD. and resulted in establishment of a new Office of Community Partnerships in the Montgomery County government. — www.cfncr.org/page18104.cfm and www.nonprofitroundtable.org.

Na Lei Aloha Foundation (Honolulu, HI): designing the Foundation’s new Tables for Ten program to extend the Bridge of Friendship and facilitating two of the initial sets of Tables for Ten — www.naleialoha.org

National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development — National CAPACD (Washington, DC): program design for technical assistance and training components of business plan; research, outreach and partnership development support services; assistance in upgrading the organization’s foundations relations strategy — www.nationalcapacd.org

National Council for La Raza — NCLR (Washington, DC): providing a third-party evaluation of measures undertaken to ensure financial stability (and optimal methods for oversight) of a subsidiary project of NCLR — Democracia USA, and identifying and assessing options for NCLR’s future relationship with DUSA; — www.nclr.org

NeighborWorks America (Washington, DC): providing executive coaching for the leaders of four community-based nonprofit affiliates of NeighborWorks in New York and South Carolina to increase sustainable home ownership for moderate-income families and individuals. This project involves introduction of new,  more customer-focused technology, improved business models, transformational leadership, and change management. 

NeighborWorks Green Bay (Green Bay, WI): providing executive coaching to the organization’s Executive Director and Deputy Director to help them prepare the organization for possible participation in national NeighborWorks’ Sustainable Homeownership Project (SHP). This coaching focuses on leadership for systematic organizational change, business process changes, gathering and analysis of new types of information, and cultural change to enhance customer service orientation and entrepreneurial approach to the work, increase scale and impact, and ensure greater financial self-sufficiency. 

Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington (DC): (1) assisting in designing a series of focus groups among members and staff — and facilitating meetings of the board — to identify highest priorities for future program focus of the Nonprofit Roundtable and help develop its next generation strategic plan; (2) serving as lead coach and helping design the 2007-8 Roundtable Fellows program for “Executive Leadership Beyond the Walls”; (3) preparing a report summarizing surveys of nonprofit support needs that have been published and reviewing leading practices of nonprofit support organizations for the Roundtable and the Centers for Nonprofit Advancement; (4) assisting in team building and development of shared commitments by the staff of the Roundtable; (5) evaluating Roundtable staff’s progress in meeting annual operating goals in a new dashboard format for the report to the board; (6) preparing an external evaluation of the Roundtable’s ten year performance, mission effectiveness, and impact, including interviews with representatives of all key stakeholders, and a survey of member organizations; and (7) designing and leading an experiential learning workshop and providing support materials on peer coaching for the Roundtable’s Future Executive Directors’ class of 2012-2013 . — www.nonprofitroundtable.org

Northern Virginia Family Service -NVFS (Oakton, VA): providing executive coaching services for the relatively new President and CEO, but experienced human services leader;

Old Swedes Foundation and Historic Site (Wilmington, DE): (1) assist in designing and facilitating two board retreats (and a follow up meeting of the board) to develop an inspiring new vision for the organization, deepen board engagement, develop a fund-raising and communications/ marketing plan, re-energize key committeess, and identify needed capacity development for the organization; and (2) providing executive coaching for the Executive Director; — www.oldswedes.org

Omaha Street School (Omaha, NE): providing a preliminary needs assessment with specific recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of the school, ensuring its sustainability, and strengthening its infrastructure; providing executive coaching in implementing the recommendations of the needs assessment and strengthening community partnerships, and succession planning; — www.omahastreetschool.org

Partnership for Community Development (Hamilton, NY): providing executive coaching, xtrategic planning, and team building support for the new Executive Director of the PCD.  The PCD “is a non-for-profit community economic development corporation, whose current service area includes the Village of Hamilton, the Town of Hamilton and surrounding areas within three miles of the aforementioned municipal corporate boundaries” and the mission of which is to “enhance sustainable economic opportunity and community vitality in the village and town of Hamilton and the surrounding areas.” — http://www.thisishamiltonny.com/work/economic/pcd

Presbyterian Home and Family Service (Lynchburg, VA): see HumanKind

Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities (Washington, DC): facilitating a joint Board-staff retreat to clarify the Trust’s vision of success — how the lives of individuals with disabilities would change if the Trust were successful in executing its vision; providing follow-up planning and coaching assistance to the Executive Director — www.dcqualitytrust.org

Queen Lili’uokalani Trust – (QLT) – (Honlolulu, HI): in conjunction with Sharon Simms of SAS Services, LLC, designing and facilitating 18 focus groups, analyzing the results, and preparing a report on the views of the Children’s Center staff on ways to better serve the orphan and destitute Native Hawaiian children, families, and communities and enable them to thrive. The goal was to help clarify a vision that would synchronize historic programs and partnerships with the leadership’s new direction, and ensure alignment with the Queen’s legacy. –  http://www.onipaa.org /

Southern Utah University (Cedar City, UT): providing executive coaching for the leader of the University’s outdoor engagement center -  http://suu.edu/uc/outdoor/index.html

State Church Leader: providing executive coaching services to assist in evaluating a significant national professional opportunity, to weigh pros and cons, and explore how to optimize the likelihood both of receiving the offer and negotiating terms and conditions which would make this substantial life change attractive (taking into account a range of personal, family, professional, and spiritual goals and responsibilities).

Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) (Washington, DC): providing facilitation services for the closing convening of Phase 1 of the Resident Outcomes Initiative of SAHF (celebrating successes, identifying replicable strategies, exploring cross-cutting issues, and setting the stage for Phase 2 by identifying critical issues, barriers, funding opportunities, and focus areas going forward). — www.sahfnet.org

Surfrider Spirit Sessions (Kailua, Oahu, HI): providing a variety of executive coaching and strategic planning support for the Executive Director of this successor organization to He’e Nalu, including board building, fund-raising, outcomes clarification, partnership development, and staff management: http://surferspirit.org

Tree of Life Guardianship (Seattle, WA): providing coaching to the executive director of a nonprofit organization of Native American elders regarding fundraising, organizational development, partnership creation, and other matters; – www.treeoflifeguardianship.com

University of Hawaii, School of Accountancy (Honolulu, HI): designing, facilitating and reporting on a strategic planning session involving students, faculty, and practitioners for the School of Accountancy;

USAPI Health Leadership Council/Pacific Island Health Officers Association (PIHOA): Facilitating a series of calls and a meeting to assist the Council in agreeing on a structural Framework for collaboration and a strategic Roadmap for concerted actions to deal with the crisis of non-communicable diseases — e.g., heart, cancer, stroke, diabetes, etc. –  in the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands. – http://www.pihoa.org  and www.palau-health.net/images/NCD_Declaration.pdf 

USS Missouri Memorial Association (Honolulu, HI): designing and facilitating a staff retreat to explore and make recommendations for improving the visitor experience for those visiting the USS Battleship Missouri in Peal Harbor, while retaining the ship’s historical authenticity, memorializing those who served their country, and enhancing the financial sustainability of the organization that preserves the ship. — http://www.ussmissouri.com

Wahiawa Center for Community Health (Waihaiwa, Oahu, HI): in partnership with Sharon Simms of SAS Services, LLC, providing meeting design planning, facilitation, and report review for the board of directors’ strategic planning retreat for the development of a new community health center for the area around Wahiawa, HI.– https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wahiawa-Center-for-Community-Health/567336953337294

Waioli-Nuhou Corporation (Lihue, Kauai, HI): designing and facilitating a strategic and business planning process and developing a written business and strategic plan for (and with) the board and Executive Director to help bring organizational expenses and revenues into alignment and to ensure the long-term preservation of the historic lands, buildings, and collections left in trust for the people of Kauai by Ms. Mabel Wilcox — www.grovefarm.net

What’s Your Issue Foundation (Los Angeles, CA): providing fund-raising and strategic consulting to the Executive Director of the organization – www.filmyourissue.org

Woodland Hills (Duluth, MN): providingexecutive coaching on organizational, professional, and personal issues and opportunities arising for a senior leader of the organization considering significant transition -- www.woodlandhills.org; 

Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Foundation (WWRCF – Fishersville, VA): providing coaching and strategic planning assistance to the Executive Director and facilitating a retreat for the Board to help develop an updated strategic plan for the Foundation and build a stronger, more diverse, and more engaged board of directors for the Foundation — www.wwrcf.org.

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