Example Products/Projects – Cyn Derosier

Here are some examples of work products and projects in graphic illustration, recording, and story telling by Cyn Derosier/Good Juju Company

Organizational Story Map – Hawaii Children’s Action Network This organization story map helps them explain their work clearly and directly.

  Surfrider Spirit Sessions – Theory of Change Surfrider Spirit Sessions Catalyst Chart
Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Pa‘a Ke Aupuni The Reel History of Hawai‘i

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs nation-building efforts needed to gain momentum. A key obstacle to gaining synergy among its constituency was a lack of understanding of the complicated history of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the related legalities. Cynthia Derosier was brought in to facilitate identification of key historic facts and identify and produce a clear and concise communication piece illustrating the historic events. Cynthia also served as creative director and producer to supervise script development, art development, animation sequencing, and to act as talent scout and director and editing supervisor.  The video is currently in widespread circulation and is available at public screenings, in schools and online. Rather than arguing basic facts, audiences are having stimulating and educated conversations about the issues at hand. In response to community interest, the video will be aired on television by the end of this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whq4EsYmc5M Department of Health PAN Forum, Policies to Vision 

Cynthia Derosier a designed meeting process and materials including live graphic recording and creating custom templates to collect collaborative input from over 175 attendees at the PAN forum on public health and policies. Cynthia later facilitated the development of a large scale concept chart and design then worked with artist Ruth Moen to create the finished piece. This input collected from the forum was incorporated into the vision map that was presented to the Hawaii State Legislature and taken to community meetings to promote policies and public health initiatives. 

Student Journey Map and Visual System, Kapi‘olani Community College 

The office of student services was charged with increasing retention and recruitment rates among Native Hawaiian and disadvantaged student prospects.   Cynthia Derosier was initially hired to create a signage system to support students on campus. Start-up meetings with the leadership team revealed a larger issue –working in a silo system, each department was focused on its own objectives, without a unified understanding of student needs and no consistency in helping students understand school processes.   Cynthia facilitated an assessment of student needs, and designed a master journey map to serve as a tool to orient students, and outlined key events and resources at their disposal. Department meetings were facilitated to refine the master map and develop department specific journey maps.  The journey map has been rolled out throughout the campus and student orientation and planning materials. Icons and art used in the maps were then translated to logos, Staff t-shirts and signage helped students identify which campus offices and people offered services identified on the map. KCC administrators report reduced confusion and frustration among students, staff, faculty and administrators, more efficient student support, improved student relations and improved retention rates.

Oakland Unified School District, Oakland CA  2012-2013  Cynthia designed and collaborated with Ruth Moen in creating the finish art for the vision map. Cynthia also provided design and facilitation support to senior consultants Kayla Kirsch and Tomi Nagai Rothe during the development process.