Board Development

 Does your nonprofit board: 

  • reflect only part of the community?
  • lack some essential skill sets and connections?
  • shy away from fund-raising and/or act disengaged in other ways?
  • misunderstand the key leadership and governance responsibilities of a nonprofit board?
  • try to micro-manage the organization’s operations?
  • miss key opportunities for leadership and strategic counsel?
  • allow individual members to try to control management?
  • get tied up in factional disputes, personality conflicts, or otherwise fail to reach wise and timely decisions?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should call or email Kela Associates. We can help.

For more than five years, Kela Associates has been helping the Georgetown Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership (CPNL) with design and facilitation of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund’s Board Chair-Executive Director Leadership Institute.  This institute bring together pairs of Board Chairs and Executive Directors to work together on these kinds of issues — how to make higher performing nonprofit boards so that they can help lead higher performing nonprofit organizations.

The Jessie Ball duPont Fund’s Board Chair-Executive Director Leadership Institutes  help these two key organizational leaders learn how to work together better and how to address the most important challenges and opportunities facing their organization.  During the first three years, this Leadership Institute received such high praise that the Jessie Ball duPont Fund decided to provide funding for three more years. 

In connection with this work and other work for nonprofits, Kela Associates (in consultation with the Georgetown Center and a special advisory group of nonprofit leaders) has developed a wide variety of tools and resources that we use to help other nonprofits:

  • recruit stronger, more diverse  boards;
  • orient the board members to their highest leadership, governance, and ambassadorial responsibilities (including fund-raising);
  • engage board members more deeply and encourage them to mobilize their networks to support the organization; and
  • work together (and with the staff leadership) more collaboratively, strategically, efficiently, and creatively for the benefit of the organization and people it serves.

Among the many We Excel by Helping You Excelnonprofit organizations that we have helped with board recruitment, orientation, engagement, and/or development are: HUGS, International Social Service-USA, Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center,  Presbyterian Homes and Family Services (renamed HumanKind), Chattanooga Theatre Centre, and Old Swedes Foundation.

Talk with Kela Associates about how we can help your organization develop a stronger, more diverse, more engaged, and higher performing board.

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