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“I would also like to talk with you about potential for expanding our agreement with you around coaching [for the coming year]. It is one of the best aspects of our culture, and I believe the fruits are evident in many places.” CEO, Nonprofit Human Services organization, for which Kela Associates has provided coaching to senior leadership and middle management for several years.

“Overall, coaching appears to have had a profound impact on Executive Directors [EDs] and the organizations they lead. For many EDs, benefits included getting new insight into their strengths and weaknesses, improving their leadership and management skills, and increasing their confidence in their ability to do their jobs well.  Various participants found they were better able to address personnel issues, delegate tasks appropriately, fund raise for the organization, work effectively with their Boards of Directors, and communicate with staff and Board. For organizations, benefits included increased financial stability, improved internal communications, and improved ability to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision due to improved ED leadership skills. Coaching appears to be a relatively inexpensive, high impact way to develop the leadership of EDs while they are in their roles.”  — Harder+ Company Community Research, “Executive Coaching Project – Evaluation of Findings,” (Sept. 2003)

Here is a simple diagram of how Kela’s executive coaching  process works to produce enhanced  results:

Kela Associates provides a variety of forms of coaching and tools that are customized to meet your needs and to help you and your organization excel. 

In addition, we offer a real-time workshop to demonstrate how coaching works.  The workshop includes opportunity to learn what coaching is (and is not) and how it differs from consulting; how to evaluate coaches and choose one that is right for you and your organization; how to define and measure progress in working with a coach; and different ways to structure agreements with a coach.  These workshops were presented at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities 2012 National Conference in Orlando, FL, and two more at the Alliance’s Executive Leadership Institute in Ann Arbor, MI in 2014 and 2015.  For testimonials on the value of this workshop, check what the Georgetown Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership and HumanKind (formerly Presbyterian Homes and Family Service  — Lynchburg, VA) have to say about this workshop.  Click here for other testimonials about the value of Jeff’s coaching. 

We Excel by Helping You ExcelKela Associates also offers a free consultation to talk with Jeff and decide whether coaching is for you.  In addition, coaching arrangements can be structured in a wide variety of ways to meet your budgetary and time constraints.  The right kind of coaching can work wonders for you and your organization.  Ask those who’ve tried it.

In 2012, Jeff became a qualified coach for the Executive Consultant Select Group of the national Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.  In addition, he has developed a peer coaching workshop for the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington (DC) to help future nonprofit leaders learn how to provide peer coaching to one another.  He has served as one of the coaches for four of the Omidyar Fellows in Hawaii. In 2013, coached the new leader of Kanu Hawaii’s new fellowship programs. In addition, he has provided transition planning coaching for a nonprofit founder leader preparing for a new career, for a school principal, for a for-profit marketing team leader, a new corporate philanthropy program officer, and for a religious leader planning career change. 

Check out the Testimonials for Jeff’s coaching and particularly what these nonprofit leaders said:

“Jeff’s approach to problem-framing and problem-solving quickly stimulates clarity and insight and drives toward effective solutions.  After two conversations with Jeff I had a fresh approach to my concerns which enabled me to work with the other leaders in [our organization] and shift our circumstances into a much more positive position within a few months. . . . Jeff is equal parts Han Solo and Yoda: he has technology for problem-solving that will get you somewhere, but you also find out that the force was within you already.” – Board Chair, DC area nonprofit  

“Jeff has now been working with [our organization] and me personally for a couple of years and it has been organizational and life changing. I have been privileged to work with several coaches prior to working with Jeff, and I can say that he is the best I have come to know.  He now focuses almost exclusively on non-profits, working with organizations that have a mission for which he has a passion.” - Executive Director, VA statewide social services and family support nonprofit

“It has really been terrific to bounce situations, ideas, and problems off of you! . . . I wish I’d engage in coaching 20 or 30 years ago. My experience with you has been delightful as well as insightful. I’m so glad we got together in Orlando and I’ve had your ear and counsel over the past year.” - Executive Director, founder, Minnesota youth serving social services nonprofit

Participant evaluations of Jeff’s interactive presentation on peer coaching for the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington rated it 4.87 with 4 being “Good” and 5 (the highest rating) being “Very Good.”

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