Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving/Co-Intelligence Workshop: How a Leading Coach
Can Help Your Organization Produce Powerful Results
And Enable You to Solve Its Most Challenging Issues

What Does Your Nonprofit Struggle With?

  • A board of directors that can’t work together or is not very engaged?
  • Conflicts within the staff or between board and staff?
  • Knowing whether to fire a personable staffer who is not getting the job done?
  • Finding an alternative business model (with diverse sources of revenue) so you won’t be so reliant on foundation grants?
  • Learning how to set program goals that are inspiring yet achievable?
  • Developing policy positions that can win allies, defuse opposition, and get adopted?

Kela Associates doesn’t pretend we have all the answers. We don’t. But we know that the nonprofit leaders and teams we work with do. Sometimes, though, they don’t have all the tools, techniques, and insights they need to get to those answers. That’s why we help them with practical creative problem solving tools, breakthrough insights, and processes for building co-intelligence on their boards and strengthening their organizational capacity.

How We Help You Address Your Most Pressing Concerns

WHY: Because your organization can more powerfully and effectively serve its mission and realize its vision when you understand the repetitive structure of the problems it faces and how to generate and implement win-win unifying solutions.

WHAT: A half day hands-on learning workshop for nonprofit leaders, board members, and staff, plus two hours of follow-up coaching to help your organization apply the powerful new tools of creative problem solving and co-intelligence to address your organization’s most challenging issues and problems. We Excel by Helping You Excel

HOW: Participants will learn and apply practical tools and techniques for creative problem solving and promoting co-intelligent decision-making in nonprofit settings.

After an introduction to these tools and techniques, small breakout groups (teams) will practice applying them to real world problems that confront your nonprofits, then report their creative solutions to the entire workshop.

  • Participant discussion will reinforce and transmit to all workshop participants the uses and value of these creative problem solving tools and techniques for mobilizing co-intelligence to help make wiser decisions with more buy-in.
  • Each participant will get informative handouts, a practical template for action planning, and a resource list providing additional tools and information for strengthening your business’ problem solving capacity.
  • Two hours of coaching will be available after the workshop to help you apply these new tools and techniques to some of your nonprofit’s  toughest problems.

 What is “Co-Intelligence”? It is the ability of any group – a board, a leadership team, a foundation, a family — to find a wiser answer together than any single member could alone. It is that, but it is so much more. At this workshop you’ll learn new insights and tools of co-intelligent decision-making that will enable your nonprofit to address its greatest challenges, seize its greatest opportunities, and do so more effectively than ever.

EXAMPLES: At this workshop, you’ll learn creative problem solving techniques to build stronger teams; improve your organization’s programmatic and financial performance; deal with your more challenging personnel problems, and develop new product or service offerings and new sources of revenue. To help you get to this higher level of performance, you will learn:

  • Why there are always multiple possible solutions to every problem or challenge;
  • How to identify a range of options that get beyond polar opposite “lose-lose” alternatives — yes-no, go-stop, invest-disinvest — to synthesized solutions that recognize and vindicate multiple competing values and considerations;
  • How to map and engage the key stakeholders’ whose views will affect the feasibility or desirability of any option or proposed solution;
  • How to find, create or refine an option that will be optimal — for desired outcomes, for stakeholder support, and for minimizing costs and unintended consequences;
  • How to facilitate processes to develop these winning options and then implement them effectively.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kela Creative Problem Solving Workshop or incorporating its key lessons learned, tools, and techniques into an existing program you operate or use, please contact Jeff and let’s explore how we can help you and your team excel in creative problem solving.