Leadership Development & Training


What Makes for Great Leadership? Many things, including the ability to:

  • clarify organizational mission or core purpose, create an inspiring and unifying vision of success appropriate for the organization, and instill a sense of urgency throughout the organization to accomplish its mission;
  • nurture a culture that clarifies key values, including excellence in performance; accountability; value creation for all key stakeholders; customer service and service to others; continuous improvement, innovation and learning; creativity; teamwork, proactive listening, and co-intelligence; and joyfulness;
  • mobilize and align the necessary resources — human, financial, technological, intelligence, and spiritual — to carry out the strategic plan, achieve the goals, and realize the vision;
  • establish proper priorities and bring discipline in execution;
  • foster effective, efficient, and well-aligned organizational arrangements and processes  in service to the functions to be performed;
  • develop the necessary adaptive capacity to understand, monitor, and adjust to the larger environmental context in which the organization performs its work;
  • communicate effectively with all key audience and stakeholders, particularly about impact;
  • recognize, develop, empower, support, and deploy the talents of others in keeping with the needs of the organization and with the motivations, passions, and abilities of employees, teammates, partners, etc.

Over years of experience, Kela Associates has developed or discovered the training methods and materials, tools, exercises, and approaches that can help your organization develop its leadership potential and excel in its performance.

Here’s what one of our clients who retained us for leadership training said in a recent evaluation: “Your professionalism, coupled with your humanity and humility, makes this [Leadership] Institute a memorable experience for all involved–me included. It is no small thing to keep this group of executive directors and board chairs engaged–really engaged–with each other, and with the larger group, for a day and a half in their busy lives. What’s even more gratifying is to observe their ‘aha’ moments, to hear them share what they will take away, back to their organizations, because of his shared experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Let us help your organization excel through great leadership training and coaching, including team building workshops and trainings, strategic planning, and/or listening and enhanced communication for leadership teams.

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