Merger Related Support

Is your nonprofit planning a merger? Do you know what best practice in this field is? Do you know what risks to watch out for before you decide? Do you know what you don’t know?  “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice.”

Kela Associates can help. We can:We Excel by Helping You Excel

  • Provide you with information on key best practices,
  • Help you identify and assess the greatest potential risks and necessary conditions for success;
  • Assist you to minimize and manage the risks if you choose to go ahead with the merger,
  • Provide a checklist of organizational, operational, leadership, governance, and financial considerations and opportunities to be considered in successfully and efficiently integrating your organizations.
  • Enable you to foresee and address the greatest cultural and morale challenges the merger may encounter to prevent an otherwise promising merger from failing.

Jeff Schwartz has helped plan, facilitate, implement and evaluate a number of mergers and acquisitions  on the mainland and in Hawaii.  He was a principal in a for-profit consulting firm that acquired other companies and was in turn acquired by a publicly traded company. He assisted client companies in performing pre-merger due diligence assessment of asset purchase agreements as well as possible acquisition candidates. The company that purchased Jellinek, Schwartz & Connolly, Inc. assigned him to the team that assessed other acquisition candidates. He led the effort to do post-merger programmatic and organizational integration of his company with the new purchaser and its related subsidiaries. Jeff also supported mergers of nonprofit organizations as the Director of Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness for a major Washington, DC area foundation.

Since founding Kela Associates, Jeff has provided pre-merger consulting assistance to the leader of a three-organization merger on Maui. He has also aided a mainland nonprofit human services organization with a range of merger-related services, including developing a primer on best practices in nonprofit mergers, conducting a feasibility assessment and evaluation of a potential merger,  and provided post-merger integration counsel and coaching for leaders of the merged organization from each of the legacy organizations. In addition, he provided a post-merger evaluation of the financial sustainability of a nonprofit subsidiary of a national nonprofit and provided recommendations for reducing the costs of this merger for the parent nonprofit organization. He is currently facilitating early exploratory merger discussions between two Washington DC area nonprofits.

For more information on how Kela Associates can help your organization in planning for and executing a successful merger, please email, or call: 808-878-1314.

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