Reduce Stress & Manage Multiple Priorities

Stress is the number one workforce risk issue, ranking above physical inactivity and obesity, according to the 2013/2014 Towers Watson Staying@Work Survey, conducted by global professional services company Towers Watson,  and the National Business Group on Health. However, only 15% of employers identify improving the emotional/mental health (i.e., lessening the stress and anxiety) of employees as a top priority of their health and productivity programs.”

What can your organization do to help your employees reduce stress while managing multiple priorities? Kela Associates offers several services to help reduce stress while increasing productivity.  Among these offerings are the following:

  • A special two-hour or half-day workshop on “Reducing Stress While Managing Multiple Priorities.”  This interactive workshop can be provided in person or by inter-active video meeting and includes ideas that can be implemented by the employer, by employee teams, and by individual employees.
  • The workshop may be coupled with follow up coaching to ensure effective implementation of the best ideas generated in the workshop.
  • Workload and time management coaching: to help employees better prioritize their work and manage it more effectively, reduce interruptions,  and enlist the help of others to meet deadlines with quality products and services;
  • Team building support:  Teams that trust each other, master productive conflict without making it personal, and focus on performance work better together. Teams that work better reduce employee stress and increase productivity.  Kela provides a range of team building services coaching and consulting services.
  • Clarifying and aligning goals, and strategy: Often employee frustration and stress results from unclear success goals, lack of a clear theory of impact to achieve those goals and/or properly prioritized strategies, lack of clear position descriptions and performance expectations or personnel assignments misaligned with employee strengths, retroactive performance assessment measures, and other organizational dysfunctions. Remedying these problems can reduce stress and improve employee morale, teamwork, and productivity.
  • Designing productive meetings: One significant source of employee stress can be time spent in multiple unproductive meetings. Productive meetings that all regard as time well spent make a huge difference in reducing employee stress and increasing ability to manage multiple responsibilities.
  • More effective change management support: Employee stress can be reduced and employees can be converted from potential obstacles to effective advocates for change if better change management strategies and support systems are implemented.

Kela Associates consulting, facilitating, and coaching services can help. Call us for a free exploratory consultation.