Supervision & Management Support

Do your organization’s middle managers or senior leaders need help in supervision or management?

   * Can your organization do employee performance evaluations  and provide constructive but critical feedback without generating tears and defensive responses? Do your organization’s performance evaluations actually lead to higher performance and improved morale?

   * Do you provide job descriptions for your staff that clarify the results that they will be held accountable to accomplish, not just describe the activities that they are to perform?

   * Do you spot misalignment in your organization’s processes and know how to remedy it when you see it?

   * Do you know what the DNA is that makes some supervisors and managers succeed when so many others fail?

   * Have your organization managers learned how to balance multiple priorities while reducing stress?

These are just a few of the questions that will help you decide if your organization can become higher performing by supervision and management coaching and/or training from Kela Associates.

One of our clWe Excel by Helping You Excelients explained it this way: “I am old style. I supervise in the same way I was supervised. Either I was told too little or too softly what I needed to do to improve or they came down on me like a ton of bricks. They never told me how my performance would be measured or judged.  Now I see that there’s a new way — that works much better.  You’re helping me learn how to do it the new way and produce much better results and much happier staff.” 

Many nonprofit organizations have asked their managers to do more with less, but managing multiple priorities can lead to much higher stress levels, reduced productivity and plummeting morale. 

One of Kela’s training offerings helps your team identify and implement concrete steps to more effectively manage multiple priorities while reducing stress. To learn more about this half day workshop and what it can do for your organization, click here.

If you want to explore how Kela Associates’ coaching or training  can help your organization become better managers and supervisors and improve performance, results and employee morale in the process, call or email us.  Remember the first call is always free and there’s no obligation.

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