Reduce Stress & Manage Multiple Priorities

Kela Associates offers a two-hour or half-day workshop that helps your organization identify and implement practical concrete actions to manage multiple priorities while reducing stress.  The workshop can be facilitated in person or virtually by inter-active video. Either way it helps your team explore:

  • What individual managers can do to better manage multiple priorities AND reduce stress?
  • What teams and teammates in your organization can do?
  • What your organization can do to help, encourage, and support better management of multiple priorities while reducing stress.

Your leadership team takes ownership because the solutions come from them. The pre-meeting readings and facilitation provides you  access to state-of-the-art solutions and best-practice experience of leaders in the field. Individual employees learn how to take better charge of their own stress reduction programs.

If your organization is willing to trade very small short term pain for very large long-term gain, we can help. And the best part is this workshop builds your organization’s ability to work well together as a team.  If you want to learn how to bring this workshop to you, please call or write us @

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